Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hobby Basics II: Tools

Although the selection of available tools is much smaller than the selection of paints, for a beginner the choice can be quite hard.

This article should cover the basic tools you would need to assemble a warmachine miniature. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hobby Basics I: Paint

A few years back the choice of paint for use in miniature painting was pretty limited. Most people used the GW colours, because that was, what they could get their hands on.

Today almost every gamer or painter has a FLGS or a website from which he orders his minis and hobby supplies. And because of that, the choice has exploded in the last few years. Now companys like Vallejo, Reaper and Privateer Press have started to gain on GW´s lead, and boy are they gaining.

Welcome All!

Hey Everyone,

welcome to my new blog, concerning all things related miniature painting. I´ve started the hobby in December 2009 and have been painting ever since. The guys from BeastsofWar, Miniwargaming.com, Bluetablepainting, AG Productions and especially Les from Awesomepaintjob have been a constant source of inspiration for me and so I´ve decided to try to give something back to the painting community. Maybe learning from my mistakes will help some of you not to make the same blunders :-).

My first minis where GW Models, primarily Space Marines. But after the recent GW price increase (again!) and the switch to the Finecast Range I decided it was time for something new - and so I purchased my first Warmachine models a couple of weeks ago.

I hope I will find the time in the next few weeks to make some progress in my new army project.

As always, enjoy and have fun,