Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome All!

Hey Everyone,

welcome to my new blog, concerning all things related miniature painting. I´ve started the hobby in December 2009 and have been painting ever since. The guys from BeastsofWar,, Bluetablepainting, AG Productions and especially Les from Awesomepaintjob have been a constant source of inspiration for me and so I´ve decided to try to give something back to the painting community. Maybe learning from my mistakes will help some of you not to make the same blunders :-).

My first minis where GW Models, primarily Space Marines. But after the recent GW price increase (again!) and the switch to the Finecast Range I decided it was time for something new - and so I purchased my first Warmachine models a couple of weeks ago.

I hope I will find the time in the next few weeks to make some progress in my new army project.

As always, enjoy and have fun,


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