Monday, September 12, 2011

From Zero to Hero V: Charger - Cygnar Light Warjack

Hey guys!

Today, I want to talk you through painting the Cygnar Battle Box Charger Light Warjack. For this one, I first cleaned, washed and assembled the model.

As I wanted to experiment with my airbrush a bit, I wanted to try something new with this jack: pre-shading.

I first saw this technique on a tank tutorial over on BuyPainteds youtube channel and wanted to adapt the technique for my jack.

I primed the model grey and uses my airbrush to spray black into all the recesses. When this was done, I used white to set my highlights on all the raised areas, watching out not to lighten the already finished shadows.

Pre-Shading done

When I was satisfied a used my airbrush to lay down a thin coat of my basecolor, Hawk Turquoise. This was done very lightly, not to drown out the pre-shading.

For the metallics, I first painted all the silvery areas black and then applied a thinned down mix of Gunmetal Metal. For all the ornate metal areas, I basecoated in Brassy Brass and then washed with thinned Devlan Mud. For Highlights I used Bright Bronze and Glorious Gold in layers to build my colors up.

As I also use Ivory on my Cygnar army, I decided to use another technique new to me: Masking with Blue Tac (or Pattafix as it is called in Germany). I masked off the area I wanted to coat with Ivory and started brushing, As you can see, the coverage on the edges was not perfect, but easily enough to fix later.

A bit of overspray.

All cleaned up

For the Details, I washed all the bolts on the model with Heavy Body Black Wash and used Gunmetal Metal and a little dab of Chainmail Silver to make them stand out.

Because there were some small scratches on the surface of the model, I decided to weather the jack a bit. For that I used Electric Blue, Chaos Black and finally Chainmail Silver as multiple scratch layers to age the model up a bit.

On the hammer I wanted to give the impression, that the whole thing is crackling with energy. So I wanted a slight glow coming from the recesses on the weapon.

Imperial Blue
1:1 Imperial Blue and Electric Blue
Electric Blue
1:1 Electric Blue and Skull White
Skull White

For the bases, I first laid down some PVA Glue and dipped the whole thing into my box with basing grit. The I flooded the base with my Dark Sepia Wash to lock the sand down.

PVA Glue

Basing Grit

My Dark Sepia Wash

Flood Washing the base

The sand can be locked down this way
The end result

The scratched up Warjack

Varnished, but not based entirely

The final product

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  1. nice tut man, the blue tac is a must for me. That is my main tool for masking when working whit my airbrush. keep em coming man :D