Sunday, June 24, 2012

Online Store Review:

Hey guys,

I wanted to tell you about one of the best airbrush-stores I've found so far: A few months back, I was in the market for a new compressor, as my old one was missing a tank. After a bit of a search, I found this site. The prices were great (you have to know that all things airbrush cost a small fortune in Germany - easily 1.5 or even more times as much as the same equipment in America or Great Britain.

1. Store Description, what do they sell?

They sell everything you need for airbrushing - and a whole lot more craft related items. I especially liked their "hard to find" section where I got a seam-scraper tool, which I have been looking for for ages.

2. What did I buy?

The compressor was easily the biggest item, but I also got a whole bunch of useful nic-nacs. A new cutting mat, a seam-scraper and a cleaning set.

3. Service Quality

The quality was excellent - easily the best customer support I ever encountered when shopping online. All my questions where answered quick and precise and very polite. As I said, my best online shopping experience so far.

4. Speed

The speed was typical courier speed from England to Germany. I had all my items in maybe a week or so. What really impressed me where the shipping costs, which were quite low, considering what a beast my new compressor I ordered from them was.

As I said, a real beast.

5.Would I buy there again?

Most definitely. The service top-notch. The prices - very impressive. The selection - gigantic. The delivery-speed - good. I would be a fool not to shop there again. And frankly, so would you ;-).

6. Verdict

Great store with a huge selection. Very clean and informative layout, great prices, great service. is one of, if the the best online-store I've ordered from so far. This should be your first adress when you are in the market for all things airbrush.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

From Zero to Hero: Ltd. Allister Caine - Cygnar Warcaster

 Hey guys,

just a quick one for you today. The moving-in with my girlfriend is taking form and that leaves me with very little time for the hobby these last few days. But expect it to pick up, once the move is over and I'm settled into my new home.

Preview of the finished miniature

Sunday, June 10, 2012

From Zero to Hero: Malifaux Teddy - Neverborn Minion

Hey guys,

starting a new job and organizing a move really takes it out of you. I finally found the time for finishing up my first Malifaux model - enjoy :-)

Preview of the finished figure