Monday, January 16, 2012

From Zero to Hero XII: Cygnar Warjack Wreck Markers

Hey guys,

this time I have something different for you. I recently got a new airbrush, an Iwata HP-C Plus and decided, that my new Cygnar Light and Heavy Warjack Wreck Markers where the perfect place to take it out for a spin.

Preview of the finished markers
My new baby :-)

I painted both markers almost exclusively with my new airbrush. The only work steps I used a brush for where some drybrushing and the rust weathering.

After cleaning and washing the parts, I applied my trusty Vallejo Polyurethane Grey Primer. I immediately noticed, that the primer was going on much smoother with this airbrush, then with my Paasche Talon, because the paint was atomised much finer.

Because I planned to do extensive weathering on the pieces I decided to forego the highlighting step, as that would have been a lot of work, which would be covered up by the pigments anyway.

I laid down a basecoat of Vallejo Heavy Opaque Brown, not worrying about overspray. Next, I painted the base of the marker with VGC Hawk Turquoise. This also served to clean up the overspray from the previous step.

Heavy Brown basecoat
Bildunterschrift hinzuf├╝gen

The metals where painted with VGC Brassy Brass and VGC Gunmetal Metal, so that the pieces corresponded well with my already painted forces.

The metals where a bit tricky to airbrush

I then applied my Heavy Body Black Wash (after Les‘ Recipe) through my airbrush, which acted as a filter and toned the whole paintjob down considerably. This was the first step in my heavy weathering.

I then sealed my paintjob, so that the weathering wouldn't damage it.

The next step was the only time I used brushes, as I did not wanted to use the weathering pigments in my new airbrush. I just mixed up the three shades of rust and mixed them directly on the wreck marker, concentrating on the silver metal areas, as bronze just doesn‘t rust.

As the last step I applied a generous amount of earth pigment to the whole marker and just used my dropper bottle to apply some alcohol directly onto the piece, to fix the pigments before the Varnishing process.

...and after the alcohol.
Finally, I applied Matte Varnish to get rid of the shine and added some static grass, so that the markers would fit in more with the rest of my basework for this army. And there you have it. Two Cygnar wreck markers painted in under two hours, all with the help of my great new airbrush.

I hope you liked this small tutorial,

as always, enjoy and have fun!


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