Sunday, June 10, 2012

From Zero to Hero: Malifaux Teddy - Neverborn Minion

Hey guys,

starting a new job and organizing a move really takes it out of you. I finally found the time for finishing up my first Malifaux model - enjoy :-)

Preview of the finished figure

1. The Model

I started by cleaning the mould-lines, which where miniscule. After pinning the feet with brass rods, which are a pain to cut by the way, I mounted the model of a cork I had lying around.

This was the first time I used the black Vallejo Polyurethane Primer, and I really liked the effect it had on my model. I just seems darker and more ominous. After waiting for a few hours, I was ready to start painting.

I used my airbrush to basecoat the belly, paws and inside of the ear with VGC Hexed Lichen.

I then used a 1:1 mix of VGC Hexed Lichen and VGC Tentacle Pink to set my first highlight, making sure to leave the Hexed Lichen on the edges.

For the final highlight, I used pure Tentacle pink, to achieve a very cool glowing effect.

To protect my airbrush work, I sealed the model with a coat of gloss varnis.

I used Vallejo Liquid Mask to cover the finished areas. Use an old brush you don't really care about anymore for this, as this stuff will ruin your good brushes fast.

On the first attempt I was too eager and used too much masking liquid, which promptly leaked onto the fur portions of the model. I let it dry, removed it and tried again, but much more careful this time.

Failed masking attempt

Second try - much better
For basecoating the rest of the model, I used my airbrush and VMC Chocolat Brown.

I used a 1:1 mix of VMC Chocolate Brown and Buff to highlight the raised areas of the fur.

For basecoating the gums, I used a 1:1 mix of VMC Chocolate Brown and Vermillion - but found the color to dull and dark.

I then tried a 2:1 mix of VGC Bloody Red and Tentacle Pink, which was much better for achieving a nice and realistic gum effect.

The teeth and claws where basecoated with VGC Bonewhite and the lips with VGC Blood Red.

I then used an oil wash, same technique I used on my Ol'Rowdy Warjack. I just adjusted the recipe, so the wash would be a bit thinner. I then applied the wash over the whole model, paying special attention to all the recesses, where the shadows would be darker.

When I was satisfied with the results, I cleaned the model with White Spirits and a make-up applicator. I then sealed the wash with Gloss Varnish after it had dried - which took a day or so, as I applied multiple thin coats.
Teddy cleaned and touched up.
I used a 1:1 mix of VGC Bonewhite and VMC Ivory to highlight the teeth and claws. I also applied a very light drybrush of a 1:1 mix of Brown and Bonewhite to all the raised fur areas, to give them some greater definition.

As a final step, I sealed the model with Matte Varnish. The gums where painted with a coat of Satin Varnish, when the Matte Varnish had dried, to give them a wet effect.

2. The Base

For the base, I ordered some Deus Ex Machina Base Inserts from Iron Halo Miniatures. They where a bit more work then ordering a complete resin base, but are very nice.

I airbrushed the edge of the base with Hexed Lichen and sealed it with Matte Varnish when I was done. I chose this color, because it is the standard color of the Neverborn faction and will tie the rest of my models together, instead of a unified color scheme, as I wanted as much freedom as possible when painting them up.

The insert was primed black.

I basecoated one half with thinned VGC Gunmetal and the wooden floor part half with Calthan Brown.

The tiles where painted with VGC Sombre Grey and VGC Jade Green.

The planks where given multiple washes of Devlan Mud, to give them an old and weathered effect

The globe was given a very quick and dirty coat of VGC Foundation White, leaving much of the black showing through. I then glazed multiple coats of Fluo Blue over this white surface, achieving a very cool marbled effect in the process.

The cogs and gears where painted with one of my favorite paints, Vallejo Liquid Gold Copper and then washed with Heavy Body Black Wash.

When all this was done, I glued the insert to the base and mounted my figure on it.

3. The finished figure

I had a blast painting this model. It's very creepy, but in a goofy way. I also learned quite a lot, as I could experiment with many different techniques on this figure.

I hope you like it!



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  1. I like it, but I'm missing little green color. I would change the eyes.