Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas came early III: Various orders

Well, actually it came a bit late, but who's counting... ;-)

After Christmas I had a bit of cash, which was burning a whole in my pocket, so I treated myself.

The Iwate HP-C Plus is awesome, easily the best airbrush I used so far. But more on that on a a later date.

In the last few months I had some health related issues regarding my lungs, so I thought, that a cleaning pot with a filter system would be the way to go - and so far it really helped with the airquality of my workspace - definitely recommend getting one of these if you plan on using an airbrush.

As for the models, I'm currently working on the Stormsmith Storm Tower and have already painted the wreck markers as a trial run with my new brush.

The Storm Strider is cleaned but not yet assembled, as I'm waiting for Privateer Press to get back to me, as there have been some miscasting issues.

With a bit of luck I can get back to you next week, when my newest purchase has arrived.

Till then,



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