Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christmas came early: My new compressor - The Euro-Tec 60A

Hey all!

After using my first compressor for a while now, I decided it would be time to upgrade, as the old one got a bit long in the tooth. I checked around and found a fantastic airbrush retailer,, which had top of the line products and sold them for much less than they were here in Germany. The customer service should be mentioned too, as it was top-notch, and all my questions where answered in a quick and friendly manner. Full marks across the board!

As my new compressor, I chose the Euro-Tec 60A from Harder & Steenbeck.

It's a beast!

The skinny:

The Euro-Tec 60A from Harder & Steenbeck is a high output piston airbrush compressor fitted with a 5.5L air tank & steel case with handy carry handle.

The Euro-Tec 60A has 4 air outlets, for as many brushes, conveniently located on top, along with two airbrush holders. It is additionally mounted on lockable castors.

Fitted with auto on/off, allowing the unit to run only when the receiver requires air & automatically shut of when it's full.

Fitted with adjustable pressure regulator, receiver & output pressure gauges & combined filter / dryer unit.

* 1.62CFM (46L/M) Flow
* 60psi (4bar) Pressure
* 1/4 HP (180 Watt) Motor
* 65dbA
* 335 x 370 x 315mm (WxDxH)
* 15.5Kg
* 1/8" female / 2.7mm quick connect outlets

All in all, this is a fantastic compressor, which has more than enough power for the aspiring airbrusher. But be careful, I underestimated the sheer size and weight of the thing and was quite shocked, when the courier had trouble hoisting my package over the garden door.

It's a tad on the loud side, but whis will only bother you every few minutes, as the airtank is large enough that the engine will only come to life every so often. The adjustable PSI is also quite nice, although you can achieve the same effect with an ajustable quick-connect adapter - but in that case you won't see the exact PSI, which could be helpful if you follow one of the many guides out there, to achieve a certain effect.



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