Thursday, March 1, 2012

Progress Report: February 2012

Hey guys,

where did February go? I don't know how, but somehow it just was over so fast. Unfortunately, I didn't get too much done, as I'm still waiting on replacement parts for my Storm Strider Battle Engine. I opened my ticket with Privateer Press over a month ago, but nothing happened so far, except that their website says, that the part has shipped.

 But here goes, the update for February 2012:


  • Lieutenant Allister Caine - Cygnar Warcaster
  • Storm Strider - Cygnar Battle Engine
  • Captain Arlan Strangewayes, Arcane Mechanik - Cygnar Solo


Work in Progress

  • Ol' Rowdy - Cygnar Character Heavy Warjack
  • Sword Knights - Unit Box

Finished Miniatures

  • Commander Coleman Stryker - Cygnar Warcaster
  • The Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team - Cygnar Character Unit
  • Stormguard - Cygnar Unit
  • Hunter - Cygnar Light Warjack
  • Journeyman - Cygnar Solo
  • Charger - Cygnar Light Warjack
  • Cyclone - Cygnar Heavy Warjack
  • Defender / Triumph - Cygnar Heavy / Character Warjack
  • Squire - Cygnar Solo
  • Reinholdt Gobber Speculator - Mercenaries Solo
  • Lancer - Cygnar Light Warjack
  • Thunderhead - Cygnar Character Heavy Warjack
  • Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane - Cygnar Warcaster
  • Stormsmith Storm Tower

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