Friday, May 25, 2012

Online Store Review: Wayland Games

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to do another online store review. This time about Wayland Games, one of the major players and one of the, if not the biggest hobby online store in Europe.

1. Store Description, what do they sell?

The better question would be, what don't they sell. Many different paint ranges, miniature ranges, hobby accessory ranges, bags, board games, rpg's, tools - everything a hobbyist would need. They also are the official european supplier of Battlefoam, one of the reasons I noticed this store in the first place.

2. What did I buy?

I placed one huge order there, but are planning another one, as soon as I'm finished painting my current malifaux figures. You can check the contents of the order here. Centerpiece of the order was my Warmachine Bag from Battlefoam, as I was looking to store and protect my Cygnar models, I spent so much time working on.

3. Service Quality

The service quality was ok, but not great. The stock status on two of the items I ordered where off, as they where supposed to be in stock, but weren't. Because of this, my whole order was held up and took much longer than I anticipated. Also, one of the models couldn't be ordered in time, so they just sent the package anyway and marked the item on my receipt - no explanation and no documentation what happened, so I had to get in contact with them to sort the matter out. 

4. Speed

The speed of the delivery was good. As I pointed out above, it would have been better if the figures would have been in stock, but in a sortiment of thousands of items, a few hiccups can be expected.

5.Would I buy there again?

Yes, I would. The prices are fantastic and the spread is very nice.

6. Verdict

Great store with a huge selection. Very clean and informative layout, great prices and quick shipping. Wayland Games could easily be your one-stop-shop-solution for all your wargaming needs.



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