Saturday, August 11, 2012

From Zero to Hero: Baby Kade - Neverborn Minion

Hey Guys,

I posted a while back, that I won my first painting contest with my entry of Baby Kade. So here is how I went about painting this fig.

Preview of the finished mini

I decided to paint this figure entirely by hand, even the priming stage, which was very easy with the Vallejo Polyurethane Grey Primer. 

I cleaned the mould lines of the mini, but some where still visible after priming. So I went over it again with my hobby knife and reprimed the areas where the primer was scraped of.

The skin basecoat was a 2:1 mix of VGC Elf Skin and VGC Rotten Flesh, which I lightened up by adding more and more VGC Bleached Bone into the mix. All the paint was thinned 1:1 with Magic Water.

Skintone done

I used watered down Ogryn Flesh to wash the recesses of the skin, which gave some nice shading which was applied very sparsely. I paid special attention to the eye sockets, to give the Baby a very deranged look.

The teddy was basecoated with VMC Chocolate Brown. For a bit of narrative, I wanted to paint the teddy same as his evil big brother, which I painted a few weeks back. So the stomach patch was basecoated with a 1:1 mix of VGC Hexed Lichen and VGC Squid Pink. The heart was freehanded with VGC Squid Pink by watering the paint down and carefully tracing the outline. This took a few coats but gave me a very subtle transition.

The patch on the arm was done with a technique I picked up from Les over on Awesome Paintjob. The patch was first basecoated with VGC Scorpion Green and then the a darker Green, VGC Dark Green, was applied very thinned down in horizontal and vertical stripes, giving a cloth texture.

The fur of the teddy was then washed with Badab Black for some shading.

I then picked out some details on the figure, like the hair and tongue of the baby and the button on the face of the teddy. The stitches which hold the teddy together where picked out with VCG Bleached Bone.

The blade of the knife was given a blood effect by mixing VGC Red Ink with brown and applying it along the edge. This gave the impression of older and newer blood on the knife.

When all this was done, I coated the mini with Vallejo Polyurethane Matte Varnish, to protect the paintjob.

The tiles on the base was given several watered down coats of VGC Jade Green. This was applied randomly, to give a marbled effect. Every other tile was picked out with VGC Imperial Blue and then given a wash of Heavy Body Black Wash.

The metal parts where given a coat of a 1:1 mix of VMA Steel and VMA Black.

All in all a very nice figure which turned out great. So I leave you with some shots of the finished model.

Cheers :-)

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