Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three problems with three orders from three retailers...

Hey guys,

just wanted to vent for a bit. I recently ordered hobby supplies from three different retailers. My FLGS, Wayland Games and an ebay shop. And the thing is - not one of these is going according to plan...

Two days ago I got an email from my FLGS, that my order I placed one week ago was in and I could come pick it up. When I was there yesterday, they couldn't find my package. They phoned their storage, called their super - nothing. Somehow my order got lost on the way from the warehouse to the store. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

Over 10 days ago, I placed my second order. Just a big batch of minis, general supplies and a Warmachine Battlefoam Bag (Yay!!!) from Wayland Games. But since then, nothing happened. When I placed my order, I kept my eyes on the availability chart. All my items where "green", which means a high availability - so again, I have no clue what the holdup is. I just opened a help desk ticket, maybe they can give me an estimate.

Last but not least, there is my order with Ebay. I ordered myself a new airbrush (Paasche Talon 3G set with 3 different size needles and nozzles - can't wait) from an ebay store in the US. Even with shipping and taxes it's only 2/3 of the cost of the barebone airbrush with no extra equipment you can get in Germany. Everything looked good. I got a tracking number and could see the package making its way towards me. But then, another snag. Customs snatched my brush up and now it's being transferred to my local customs bureau. No idea, when I will have a chance to get it.

So there you have it - three orders from three different stores and three different things that went wrong. August just doesn't seem to be my time to be ordering hobby supplies... ;-)



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