Sunday, September 23, 2012

From Zero to Hero: Lord Chompy Bits - Neverborn Master

Hey you guys,

my painting time in the last weeks was few and far between, but I still managed to get a few figs done. I know, that Lord Chompy Bits (LCB) and the Dreamer are supposed to be one Master, but for convenience I split the tutorials for the two figures.

Am masked the glue spots with Vallejo plastic putty.

The model was primed with black Surface primer.

And then laid down a basecoat of a 50-50 mix of the VGC Black and VGC Cold Grey.

I then used my airbrush to apply a zebithal highlight, using VGC Cold Grey and VGC Stonewall Grey. When I was done,  I coated to the whole mini in Gloss Varnish.

I wanted the loincloth to appear to be made out of flayed skin. I applied a basecoat of VGC Dead Flesh.

I then applied random patches of VMC Basic Skintone, to simulate different stages of decay.

The skull plate was painted with VGC  Bonewhite.

Highlights where made with a 1:1 mix of VGC Bonewhite and VGC White.

To really bring the rotting of the flayed skin home, I applied red and blue ink to the folds to mix different shades of purple in the recesses. When this was done to my satisfaction. I coated the whole model with gloss varnish.

All in all a fun model to paint. I just don't really like the pose of the model, as any details on the head are lost because of the wide open maw. Finally, I leave you with some shots of the finished figure.



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