Monday, September 17, 2012

Tools of the Trade: The Dremel

Hey guys,

meet the newest addition to my toolbox: The Dremel. I've been eyeing one of these for quite a while and last week I took the plunge and bought myself the Dremel 3000.

I found that using a pin-vice to pin my miniatures, especially the metal ones, was getting to be quite a chore. I recently ordered a bunch of Malifaux miniatures, which are almost exclusively metal, and I wasn't really looking forward pinning them by hand. Because of that,  the Dremel rotary tool will will help me quite a lot. The first lesson I learned using this tool, was only to use the lower settings as the metal miniature would get quite hot if I used any of the higher settings. Also, this would give me much more control when pinning delicate parts.

I'll keep you posted on my experiences with this tool as I learn to use it myself. But so far it was a tremendous help in putting together the Coppelius figure, which was a real pain to assemble. If any of you have had any experience in using a rotary tool, I'm looking forward to hearing about it.



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