Sunday, October 21, 2012

From Zero to Hero: Coppelius - Malifaux Neverborn Minion

Hey guys,

today I wanted to show you, how I painted my Coppelius figure. In a previous post I stated, how much I hated putting this mini together. Because of that, I only did a very basic paint shop this miniature.

After assembly, I primed the miniature with Vallejos polyurethane gray primer.

I basecoated the coat with VGC Imperial Blue, the hair with VGC Sombre Gray and the skin with me VGC Stonewall Gray.

The coat was highlighted by mixing more and more VGC Magic Blue into the base color concentrating on the folds of the coat.

The trousers were basecoated with VGC Hexed Lichen. For the highlights I mixed VCG Squid Pink into the base color.

The skin was highlighted by glazing VMC White over the gray areas, which were raised to the light.

The eye was based with VGC White and a small amount of VGC Magic Blue was used for the iris. The pupil dot was made with VMA Black. I find it easier working with the Model Air colors because they are thinner and you have more control when painting very fine details.

After giving the model of a heavy coat of gloss varnish I used an oil wash to bring out the fine details.

As Coppelius has a very large fluff focus on eyes I  decided to do a slight OSL effect to bring out the eyes of this model. For this I mixed a very thin yellow (VMA Model Air thinned 2:1 with Vallejo Thinner) and applied this mix with my airbrush around the eyes. To highlight the eyes an to give the OSL a focal point, I added a small dot of a 1:1 mix of VMA Yellow and VMC White into the center of each eye. This is important as an OSL effect always goes from light to dark. If you want a glow, you'll need a brighter source for the glow, as otherwise the effect might look off.

All in all one of my less favorite models in the Malifaux range, but I think I captured some of the menace and grittiness of the figure.



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