Saturday, October 13, 2012

Problems with Maelstrom Games

Hey guys,

Normally I would just write a review of an online store I have purchased something from. But these are special circumstances, because I have had so much problems with this particular service. I'm talking about Maelstrom Games.

Seriously, stay far away from these guys...

I have ordered a bunch of Malifaux and other hobbies supplies over 2 1/2 months ago. All these items were in stock (according to their website anyways) but the first shipment took quite a while to get to me. It seems that they didn't have all these items in the warehouse so they ordered them as soon as I ordered from them. Because of this, my order got split numerous times. Which might be a good thing in hindsight, because if the rumours around the Internet are true, Maelstrom Games is insolvent.

I have read quite an informative thread over on Dakka Dakka yesterday which highlighted the problems this particular online shop has had in the past.

So do yourselves a favor and stay away from this store, because I'm still waiting for part of my order. Granted, it's just a Malifaux 1.5 Rulebook out of a 200 GBP order, but it still sucks. I read read about some other guys ordered quite a bit of stuff in the last months and haven't received anything so far.



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